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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 2 day 6: doin' good

Underwear denial; it ain't pretty! lol
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Alhamdulillah I had a good days in many respects but I did use 8 of my discretionary points. I still have 15 left for the week which ends tomorrow so I am doing great (I am able to use all of them but of course, my weight loss would be on the lower end).  I ate ok but as usual it was my weekend schedule which threw me out of whack.

I ended up getting a kid's meal at Wendy's because I have to drive out to Worcester (22 min away) twice a day on Saturdays to take the kids to their Arabic and Qur'an class.
It never fails, I don't plan correctly and I am stuck grabbing something less than ideal. And to be honest, a part of me wants it that way because I do like that kind of food sometimes. So I try to plan around it so I can do that and not blow my plan.

However I had woken up early this morning (about 4:30 am) and had a small snack and some milk. I have some stomach issues and sometimes if my stomach is empty it really needs some milk to settle it. (I also take medication but I still have some discomfort). So that started my day out with 5 points off. Oh well.

Dinner tonight was really nice. I grilled lean steak and made steamed broccoli, baked yukon gold potatoes, tossed salad, and fresh crusty rolls from the local Brazilan bakery. I guess because I am getting used to not eating as much I just couldn't eat half of what I had.

I ended up eating 2oz of my 3 oz steak, a nice portion of broccoli (point-free and good!) and about half of my potato. Yukon golds are smaller, round potatoes so I really had very little. I took about 1/3 of a roll and shared the rest; really I was satisfied. I save my salad and leftover steak for lunch tomorrow so insha'Allah I will eat healthy.

A good thing about my family is they really like healthy food. Hafsa, my oldest stepdaughter, loves salad without dressing! Zainab, the next in line, will eat anything masha'Allah and Yousef, my husband's youngest, is pretty good too though not as adventurous. Aaminah (my light and joy) will eat anything but she loves a typical Mediterranean meal: olive oil, bread, olives, and salad. Masha'Allah! Anyway it's really not so hard because my husband is also very accomodating; as long as I cook to be healthy and meet our religious requirements, he is all set. :-)

If this is TMI I apologize but I have to share. You know I said in a previous post that because of how I dress loosely and modestly I don't always notice when I gain a couple of pounds (or 15!) Well that maybe true of my outer clothes but inner clothes still tell the tale. So how did I really have to face the fact I had widened my already sizeable load?

I outgrew mah drawers. :-)) Yep that's right, my underpants got too tight. I almost bought a bigger size and then I stopped cold. I was like, what?? Just buy a bigger size, THAT'S your good idea??? Alhamdulillah I started WW that next week. I decided enough was enough when I coulnd't wear my underwear because they had gotten too tight! lol

Sorry I told ya'll this would be honest. You wanted the truth, but can you HANDLE the truth?? lol

Ma salaama ya'll!