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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. This isn't going too bad. OK yes I know it's just day 3, what do you want from me? I've made good choices for the most part and definitely an improvement over my method before. What was that you ask? I just ate whatever I wanted when I wanted with no thought. :-)

Today's diet was a little weird; I needed to get to the grocery store so it was kinda odds and ends you know? But alhamdulillah I only used 3 extra points. Let me explain: all foods are assigned a point value. In the new WW program, PointsPlus, a food isn't just rated for it's calorie intake, making an apple the same as 100 calories of cookies. They take into account the protein, carbs, fiber, and fat so the better choices have a lower value while the bad choices (higher fat, etc) have a higher value. Thus helping you learn to make the better choices for your body insha'Allah.

I am allotted 32 points a day plus I have 49 weekly points I can use as a splurge. I used 3 of those today and of course since this is my first week and I didn't have exactly the right foods in place (and my day 1 trip to McD's of all things!) I am actually down to 35 "discretionary" points. I like this system and I really like being accountable, having to go to a meeting and weigh-in. I don't need the support from others at the meeting just the accountability and oh yeah I guess their praise when I lose. That'll be nice. :-)

Anyway for dinner we had a slice of multigrain cheese pizza with some turkey pepperoni thrown on and steamed broccoli on the side. Aaminah asked for it; it is one of her favorite vegetables masha'Allah. I also had leftover shorba for lunch with a pretty big salad and in general am just getting a little better at my planning and implementation. I really want this to work for me so insha'Allah I'll give it my best try!

I was thinking about what is my main motivator for weight loss. Of course I ain't gonna lie and say I don't care how I look. I want to be more beautiful for my husband. But really and truly I want to feel good, to have energy, to WANT to play outside with Aaminah, to hate sitting on the couch collecting dust. :-)

And I want to insha'Allah be here for my children as they get older, get married, have home and babies. I want to be able to be a help to them. With my myriad of health issues (namely my kidney disease and transplant) I feel a little more keenly than others that my time in this dunya is limited. I really want to be here to see my daughter grow and to meet her children, see the woman she will become insha'Allah. So I know I need to do my part and try to take even better care of myself.

Insha'Allah see ya'll tomorrow. :-)