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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 2 day 3: still truckin'

A'salaamua alaikum ya'll. Sorry I am posting so late; I had a couple of posts to finish on my other blog. But here I am, whew!

So today was ok except dang it, breakfast got me again! I was over my self-imposed limit for breakfast but alhamdulillah. For the day I still did ok; surprise surprise I dipped into my weekly points again but just by 4 I think so still that is more than ok.

I think my biggest concern is that while I have made some good changes I should be focusing more on eating healthy but I'll be honest, I'm focusing more on losing weight. I KNOW it won't stay off if I don't make this a permanent change. Insha'Allah I'll do my best to make serious changes, not just "if I can get through 4 months I'll be great" attitude.

My family sabotages me. Oh not on purpose; I am sure, although A loves me greatly, that he will be pleased with a slimmer and trimmer model but man can he eat!!! Of course he could also stand to lose a few pounds but alhamdulillah it doesn't bother me, only for his well-being and comfort. Even if he were to be on a weight loss regimen he could still out-eat me because he does alot of physical work, he's a man, plus he has alot more muscle mass than I do.

Recipe for danger! Alhamdulillah he likes to eat well. Now, granted, he would be so satisfied with some broiled fish, salad, and bread but I cannot for the life of me cook fish. Well maybe a nice filet but once there are scales that need cleaned or a (Ya Allah save me!) a head that needs chopped, noooooo way. I simply cannot. Unless we were starving and even then, if A was too incapacitated to do it, would I consider. :-)

There are a few things I am doing consistently which are helpful. Here they are:

1. I always track/log my food. Always, every bite, ever sip. It makes me more aware of everything I put in my mouth.

2. I am making better choices in regards to added fats (butter, mayo) and avoiding things like my beloved sweet iced tea. I love diet drinks too (I know, they aren't healthy!) so I am sticking with that.

3. I am aware when I do something that isn't really the best choice. If I chose to eat a higher point food or take an extra little snack, I notice and I am learning.

4. My appetite has decreased alhamdulillah. My stomach is getting used to having smallers meals and is shrinking accordingly. Now if only the OUTSIDE would shrink as fast!!!!!

5. I am not allowing myself to feel overwhelmed. If I look at my weight now, and what I want to accomplish, I could get very frustrated very easy. But I will not allow that to happen insha'allah. I will stay the course and if I lose 2 pounds a week, so be it. Until I can get to where I can exercise consistently, I have to be satisfied with what I can do restricting my intake.

So my food highlights for the day: I had hot tea (milk of course!) twice :-( and I ate 3 tiny cookies from a kid's snack pack. No guilt over that though. Oh we had a big snow storm coming tonight and on the way home from the dentist with ALL FOUR KIDS I got pizza from a local halal store. I only had one piece and one small breadstick (half size) plus diet ginger ale. Alhamdulillah I felt satisfied and wasn't tempted to eat more.

Oh and I only bought one pizza for all 6 of us. It gave A 3 slices and the rest of us one each. If I bought a second one, I am sure before I went to bed I would have had another piece. I wouldn't have been hungry but I would have been not full either. Alhamdulillah I am learning my triggers. :-)

OK ma salaama and insha'allah tomorrow will be successful too! Maybe I can sneak some activity in. Who knows? :-)


Sadia said...

Salaam sister,
I really enjoying reading this blog of yours and of course the other one too!
I am trying to shed some pounds as well...
I try to read your blog and stay inspired.. :)
Allhumdulillah I walk 2 miles (sometimes 3 or 4) everyday on my treadmill and also do interval running on the treadmill 3 times a week, but I just tore my ligament in my knee so im only able to walk!
But don't loose hope and InshAllah you will lose it :)
Its matter of time and patience.. plus you don't need to lose to feel great.. trust me.. as you said you feel great by just eating in smaller portions and soon you'll feel icky to even touch greesy/fatty foods!
I hope we can motivate each other and loose some of that weight! InshAllah!