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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 7: boo-yah!

Day 7, week one. Oh yeah!
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. So I feel I am ending my week on a high note! As I said before, I have 32 points per day plus an extra 49 points a week for discretionary calories. :-) I was kinda strict on myself in the beginning; well except for the day 1 fiasco with McD's. lol Anyway I kinda hoarded them a bit but invariably used 4-5 a day mostly due to my breakfasts being too high point (in my book anyway).

So imagine my surprise when tonight came and I have 17 of the weekly points left. Yes! I was excited. I know they are there for me to use (which as I said is important in and of itself) but the less of them I use (while feeling satisfied) the higher my weight loss will be. Then factor in my one day of real exercise plus the painting we did today and I am feeling like I have indeed made some positive changes this week.

I am feeling very different about my approach this time. I like structure and accountability; I think WW gives both. I believe it will be a good fit for me as long as I make these into lifelong habits, not just a daily chore until I reach my goal. Insha'Allah I'll be more successful at making it a part of our life. :-)

Let's see my diet today... oh yeah we usually have belgium waffles on Sundays. I used to make homemade pancakes but 1) Can't get White Lily flour here, the ONLY flour a true southern cook will use and 2) the belgium waffles are AWESOME not like Eggos. lol Anyway I calculated the points and even with only eating one, by the time I added the maple syrup and pat of butter, was gonna be 7 points! Not even counting the scrambled egg and turkey sausage.

So I took one strip of Aaminah's. That's 4 squares of waffle. LOL But I had the taste, which I enjoyed, without using a huge chunk of points and ending my week kinda crappy. (If I said this word at home, Aaminah would tell me, "Mama, say 'astaghfirallah' cause you said a bad word. Masha'allah!)

With my truncated waffle serving I was even able to have my hot tea (made with milk, never water!) egg and turkey sausage. I felt satisfied NOT stuffed. So I consider this a win.

Lunch was nonexistant. 2 of my stepkids go with their mom on Sundays (alhamdulillah! lol) so it was just me and Aaminah plus Zaynab and A. Aaminah wasn't feeling hungry (little under the weather) so we all just kinda fended for ourselves and had breakfast for supper. Ah B4S, how it saves a time-crunched mama! We were busy with painting an apartment today and I really just didn't have eating on my mind.

I am hoping by next week I can make some realistic healthy menus everyone will eat. Alhamdulillah my entire family really are healthy eaters but of course there are some things my husband just doesn't like. He never insists I do not make them but I like him to be satisfied with his supper after working all day so... we compromise. :-)

Alrighty, thanks for following along and tomorrow I probably won't wait until night to post. I am sure I have good news!!!!!! Ma salaama ya'll...