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Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 2 day 5: a dilemma!

I detest chocolate-covered sprinkled dougnuts but it made the best presentation. lol
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. So I am sure by now you have guessed what is bugging me: should I eat that doughnut I brought home today or forgo it? Today is the FIRST day I've been totally within my points. To the exact limit, 32. And it wasn't by design. I tallied up my dinner at the end of the night and bada boom, bada bing, there you go.

I still have 30 discretionary points left for the week. 30. 3 0. THIRTY. Wow I am super-psyched. Should I eat them or leave 'em? I really want to post a loss again this week. As I am following plan (staying within my point range) I can indeed realistically expect the same 2+ pound weight loss.

But I am afraid. If  I eat them and I DON'T lose, maybe I'll get frustrated and give up. If I don't eat them, they go away at the end of the week and that's it, they are gone. Hmmmm quandary. :-) I am leaning heavily towards to doughnut right now.

Here is my argument for eating said deep-fried delicacy: Um, hello? What didn't you understand? I just said DEEP-FRIED, the fat girl's best friend. Oh you want more than that? I can wax poetic about a properly made, lightly glazed, light-as-a-feather doughnut. :-)) Since moving to MA I've probably consumed more than ever in my life. Doughnut shops are EVERYWHERE here; it's almost impossible to avoid them.

Seriously I haven't had anything sweet (have I? really I don't think so) since I started WW. And it's not about deprivation, it's about learning how to incoporate what you like into how you want to live. OK I think I have talked myself into it!!!! Yay me! lol

Oh my diet today... hmmmm. Breakfast was ok; I tried to go with oatmeal. Once again, living in MA has changed how I view certain foods. Oatmeal here is a work of art. Seriously. You make it with milk (we always used water) and then you add your butter and brown sugar, stir, then make a well in the middle to hold an insane amount of PURE maple syrup. Seriously I never knew how badly Mrs. Butterworth's (or her generic counterpart) was cheating me on taste. Heavenly.

So suffice it to say oatmeal loses any of it's redeeming qualities once gussied up like a song girl on a Saturday night. I decied to go for a mere 2 tablespoons of syrup and no butter or brown sugar. I felt like someone had just told me fried chicken can no longer have the crispy delicious skin on it; it just ain't righ!

I ate half, Aaminah ate some, and I am afraid I ended up feeding the rest to the Shaitaan. Allah forgive me, amin.

So that's that. I'm doing good, maybe even improving, and insha'Allah come Monday, I can move my little "pound at a time" ticker to the right. :-)

Ma salaama ya'll!