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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 6: homestretch!

I realized I started making my "stick jeannas" very thin so I tried to rectify it with this one. :-)
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I've been doing really good! I had a few slip-ups but actually stayed within plan. I have one more day to go before my new week starts and still have TWENTY weekly points left. To put it into perspective, that could be a really nice treat like a piece of cake or even a dinner out (within reason). So I am happy; I don't feel I NEED to use all the optional points but I am happy they are there.

I guess it all comes down to the psychology of weight-loss. Anytime something is forbidden we desire it more; this is something humans have to struggle against. For example, when I was on dialysis I craved liquids; I would sneak more than my alloted measly 32 ounces a day. Yep that's right, severe fluid restriction when your kidneys fail. However, once I had my transplant I would have to force myself to drink enough. Uh-huh, THAT makes sense. lol

So I am aware of how the human psyche works. I would probably be salivating bad for something sweet or greasy or all-around yummy but because I know I CAN I don't. Uh-huh, THT makes sense. lol But it is what it is and I am happy its working.

Alhamdulillah I am also more aware of my choices in general and feel a little guilty if, while staying within my plan, I don't eat the right amount of fruits or veggies. I really want to make a consistent change, a lifestyle change as it's pc to say now. I really dislike our politically correct culture but it's true; you have to make a lifestyle change, not diet. :-)

Today was another weird eating day. The kids had Bukhari school (weekend Islamic school) and we were running late so I just made a mug of hot tea with milk and little sugar to take with me, along with a 100 calorie (3 points) snack bar. OK so that's alright. I didn't really eat lunch; once again just our schedule on Saturdays. Insha'Allah once I get better at this, I'll be more consistently healthy in my choices which includes eating all meals. :-)

I am excited to weigh in on Monday; a safe weight-loss is 1.5 to 2 pounds per week; I know that. Of course we all want to lose 5 lbs a week and still be safe and healthy. It's not; if you go past the 2lbs a week you are usually burning muscle for energy not your stored fat. It's much easier to break down muscle than fat btw so that explains how you keep your paunches and pouches but seem to be weaker. I want to maintain my muscle mass plus tone it up a little but NOT bulk it up like a weight-lifter. Ewwwwwwww!

I intended to get to the gym today but I have to have someone watch Aaminah. Of course, the girls here will do it (my stepkids) but Aaminah is very attached to me and doesn't like me to be out of the house alhamdulillah. :-) Then A doesn't like me to be outside of our home after maghrib (authentic hadith which substantiates this) so unless it's necessary I do not. Of course, the gym might be different since it's on the same floor inside the building; Allahu alim I'll ask my husband. :-)

OK I'm gonna go; I have to get dinner on. It's late; we usually eat by 6:00 and it's 6:32 and no supper insight. Insha'allah I won't be fired. LOL Yeah right.

Ma salaama ya'll and healthy living! Wow, that sounds incredibly weinee. I'll just leave it at ma salaama... :-)


Muslim Convert said...

InshAllah Monday goes well (cheering you on).
That's interesting I've never heard about a hadith about women being home before magrib. I found this: The prophet has stated in a hadith “As night comes in and it is dusk, then keep your children in for Shaytan gather at that time. When an hour of the time goes by, then let them out. Close the doors and mention the name of Allah. Shaytan does not open a closed door.(Al Bukhari relates from Jabir Bin Abdullah.) But nothing mentioning women. I've attended many sisters halaqas after magrib as well...wonder if this is a difference based on different schools of thought??

Umm Aaminah said...

JAK for the comment sis; let me check with my husband tomorrow and I will let you know what I find out. I know he and I discussed it before but I need to get the specifics again in order to provide the daleel. :-)

Insha'Allah I'll post what I find on my other blog, Ummi of Aami. :-)

Ma salaama....

MaryAnn said...

MashaAllah....cute drawing.

I have yet to read all of your posts. I have a big lunch to cook today, InshaAllah.

I just wanted to say that I love your blog name and design ♥

Have a wonderful day and I will stop by later, InshaAllah, to read more :)

Umm Hamza said...

Yay! You're almost there, masha'Allah. Keep up the good work ya ukhti :)