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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 4: reality setting in

I do love me some cheeseburgers!!!

 A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. So yesterday I was grooving with broccoli and today I am salivating for some flame-grilled MEAT. What did I do? Compromise! I made grilled chicken tonight for supper; super easy, pretty fast, and it was really good. Plus I really grilled it (30 degrees doesn't scare me!) so it was really juicy and brown. Yum. I do all the grilling at our house because my husband tends to char-broil everything. All over. :-) So I am the grill-master extraordinaire! Masha'Allah .:-)

I was 6 points over today but it comes off my discretionary points. I looked back at my tracking to see where I am consistently going wrong. I have two "hotspots": morning and night. :-) I mean, my breakfast tends to eat up (in my opinion) way too many points. A mere tbsp. of the spreadable butter is THREE points. Yikes! I can have 3 oz of grilled chicken for that. So I need to get out of my comfort zone in breakfast for sure.

My other problem is the nighttime. Now to be exact. I always crave somethng right about now. I stay up later than the rest of the family to log some uninterrupted computer time and invariably I get hungry. Plus I have to take my nighttime meds and they really hurt if I take them on an empty stomach. My food of choice in the past was cereal with milk; easy fast and pretty light but still it eats into my allotted points. I have to take my meds on a 12 hour schedule so I can't really play around with it. Ah well insha'Allah (Allah willing) it will all work out!

Oh and activity, yeah that's my other problem. I don't do any. lol I mean I cook, do laundry, clean, shop, chase Aaminah but still that isn't sustained aerobic activity. Have I told ya'll my dirty little secret yet? I have a gym where I live in my apt. building. On the same floor. 5 doors down. It's shameful, I've NEVER been inside it. I am a little shy because of course I wear hijab so I sweat quite a bit with little effort and I dont want people walking by checking out my red face. Oh no and thank you no. Insha'Allah I'll get over this little fear and just go do it and people be damned. At least that's my intention, we'll see. :-)

OK I guess that's a pretty good update. I enjoy keeping this blog and I would really enjoy some comments from you guys! Guess there's alot of pressure because I only have 6 followers right now but insha'Allah that will change. Then ya'll can take turns. Still waiting on my bestfriend L to follow. L for loser? Hmmmm guess I'll remove this WHEN she becomes my follower. Um on my blog, not my personal follower. That would be weird.

Ma salaam !


Em Hamzah said...

Assalamu alaikum. I passed by your blog and found it to be inspiring. May Allah make this journey easy for you!

-Em Hamzah

Umm Aaminah said...

Jazaki Allahu khair Em Hamzah! I love your son's name, btw. :-) The Lion of Islam masha'Allah!!! Insha'Allah I will do a good job and make a better future for myself and my family.

Thanks for reading; it really helps keep me on track!'

Ma salaama!

Muslim Convert said...

My weakness is sweets I was eating chocolate chip cookies as I was reading this yesterday as if they were calorie less, hahah yea right. I'm a night eater too, it's terrible, I eat perfectly fine until about 7 pm then it all goes downhill.
I've been at home a lot lately, due to the weather and eck organizing, so whenever I eat I make sure to do a set of crunches, yea I know not fun but it's my area of needed improvement. I started off at 25 per set and now I'm at 100, as much as I'm eating I'll have a 6 pack in no time inshAllah lol

Salam :)

Umm Hamza said...

Salams sis! This is a really cute blog, masha'Allah. I LOVE your cartoons :-) don't stop them! I really want to get on the weight loss bandwagon again, insha'Allah. Fit Islam is just collecting cyber dust. I'm finding it hard to get motivated. I'll keep reading here for inspiration beithnillah. May Allah help you in your weight loss journey and increase your eman and bless you and your family. Ameen