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Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 4 day 1: weigh in woes

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I gained 1.4 pounds the past week. WTHeck?!? I know I 'fessed up to some not-so-great choices but I really didn't think I had gained. I have a couple of explanations for this, none of which involve blaming myself! lol

1. My transplanted kidney does not always do a good job of keeping my hydration level on target so I could be retaining fluid from kidney-related issues.

2. I am at the exact time in my monthly cycle when I a) want to eat nonstop and b) seem to retain fluid. Paired with #1 and that could easily equal 1.4 lbs.

3. It's a conspiracy with the people at WW who are afraid of my almost super-human resolve and worry I'll make the others look bad with my awesome weight loss. :-))

Ahhhh scenario #3 not so much but I really think the 1 and 2 did me in. I really told myself it doesn't matter, it's a momentary set-back, I can do this, blah blah blah but inside yeah, I was a little down. Alhamdulillah each day is new and we have the choice to do better.

So did I do better today? That is the question. OK I had 1 egg on 2 pieces of high fiber, high protein bread. BTW don't try it. lol It's Arnold's brand which we love but this really wasn't that palatable. Insha'Allah I'll just get the oatnut next time. :-) Anyway that was breakfast along with my 8 oz of steaming hot milky tea.

Lunch was non-descript... OK I'm trying to cheat a little here. :-) I had to run out for some errands at lunch time and I ended up buying a small sandwich and fries at BK. I didn't stress about it, I got the smallest available and I always drink diet drinks so alhamdulillah minimal damage.

I made maqlouba tonight (a traditional Palestinian dish) which I make in my own manner. :-) It has a healthy mix of veggies but you do fry them first. I fried in them in a very small amount of oil (NOT deep-fried) and ate a reasonable amount. This is the kind of dish you don't just throw together on the spur of the moment so I did eat for enjoyment but didn't over do it. Alhamdulillah my day is ok and I feel back on track.

Make dua' for me sisters that I make positive headway next week! Ma salaama ya'll