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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 3 day 2: yup

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. We have another winter storm here; the kids were out of school today and will be tomorrow as well. :-( Stress-eating anyone? lol

I did good on the plan today. My points target has dropped from 32 to 31 because of my weight loss. Which is a little weird cause I still have 49 discretionary points. I don't think I'll use as many this week as I did the last two because I really want my weight loss to gain momentum, not lose it. We'll see how that works out, insha'Allah. :-)

I was too tired tonight to do my cartoon; I have a bad back and I kinda slipped it out a little. My entire right side hurts from lower back to hip to calf. Insha'allah it'll get better in a few days. It usually does.

Oh I overdid it on breakfast again. Yah, I know, surprise. So I just had a very light supper, tomato soup with a few goldfish crackers. I prefer saltines but obviously so do the kids cause there were none here. lol I made black forset turkey ham sandwiches for lunch; really they are very good but I do like cheese and mayonnaise so that cut into my daily totals a bit. Worth it, though, to not have to choke down a dry sandwich!

Insha'Allah I'll do a better post tomorrow, I'm just too tired right now. Ma salaama ya'll!