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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 3 day 3: I've done better

Curse you, Oreos!!!!!
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. So today wasn't my best day. You see, I brought sweets into the house. Yes, I know, silly me. Now don't get me wrong, on a normal day Oreos would NOT be my drug of choice. I love soft yellow cake with milk chocolate icing. Yummmmmmm..... (drooling a little, pardon me!) But as I haven't really had any sweets in a while, those Oreos were looking pretty good.

I had 8 of them. Ohhhh the shame! But it's also the truth so maybe this will embarass me sufficiently so I no longer do this type of thing. Oh I didn't eat them all at once, you know cookies are like the shaitaan; they whisper to you so softly and sweetly. Before you know it, 8 are down the hatch.

I intended to have 3 this morning when I got up for a drink. I was hungry and thought, oh cookies! lol I ended up eating 2 more because I stood there by the open bag. BIG MISTAKE.

Later after dinner I let the kids have some and I took 3 more. Not the end of the world but I am not pleased. I don't want to stop my weight loss or slow it down. I want to continue forward. I have to just set my mind to these types of things being occasional and limited in quantity. I think at this stage you have to really start making some serious changes in your eating habits. The other day I didn't eat breakfast because I wanted a less-than-ideal lunch. OK so A+ for planning but is this intelligent eating? (Remember the phrase I coined? lol). I have to do some behavior modification to help me overcome these obstacles.

Anyway I think I told you (did I?) that my daily points are down to 31 from 32. But I consistently eat more because I have those 49 discretionary points. Dang them! I don't really know how to feel about them. Sometimes I am happy and sometimes I think they are sneaky little saboteurs... time will tell, time will tell. :-)

Today I clocked 38 points, 7 more than my target but still well within my weekly extra points. I guess I have to ask myself what I want more, extra food or faster weight loss? Ahhhh again, time will tell, time will tell. :-)

Ma salaam ya'll!


HijabiMommy said...

Oh yeah, those sweets will lure you in...I hate when that happens. It's like you can't resist their power! And then you hate yourself afterwards. Been there, done that. :(

And it's hard not to bring sweets in the house, especially with small children {LOL I'm just going to lay the blame on my kids!}

But at least you are being honest with yourself. And today is a new day!