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Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 3 days 4-5: sorry!

1500+ calories...yikes!!!!!!
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I was really tired last night and ended up going to bed before I made my post. My sincerest apologies. :-)

I didn't do well the day before. Now again, I say that but I am still within my points, I just know I made poor choices. For example:

I went to Applebee's yesterday. Now they have a WW menu there (not why I went, we live in a small town and I was tired of fish sandwiches from McD's!) but I didn't pick from it. I wanted the Crispy (big warning!) Orange Chicken Bowl. Another bad thing: I didn't check the calories before I went which would have been easy. Now WW doesn't count calories per se but I know if something logs heavy it will be high in points (duh!). So unprepared out I go.

I fully intended to share it with Aaminah (it's pretty big and I can't eat it all myself) but it has a sweet-n-spicy sauce (YUM!). So I ordered sauce on the side to share with her but by the time I ordered her a drink and fries it was cheaper just to buy her a kids' meal and let her graze off my plate as she wanted. So another big mistake: having a huge portion with no built-in failsafe. :-)

I ate more than I normally would (?) but still had about 1/3 leftover. (I also shared some with her but I like to over-project, not under, on my points.) Alhamdulillah! I forgot our box of take-home. I am happy because I would have finished it off that night.

Remember my weekly points target is 31? Well this dish clocks in at 42!!!!! The 2/3 I possible ate put me at 28 points for that dish alone. Oh my goodness! I had no idea! So I did a fair amount of damage with that little meal and pretty well demoralized myself. I tried to watch the rest of my day but of course ended up dipping into my discretionary points. Grrrr! I wanted to wean myself off of them but looks like that won't be this week!

Anyway yesterday was a bit of poo and today wasn't too much better; I went over my target by a few points and am down to about 18 discretionary points. I really wanted to make this my week to shine and lose more than my 1.8 I lost last week. I don't think it will happen.

I've been kind of active with some little things here and there but not real exercise. I realized this is my week to crave food (in relation to where I am in my cycle) so it did help me to quit mentally beating myself up. Insha'allah I can stay on track these next 2 days and then next week is a new chance!

Ma salaama ya'll....